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Understanding Credit Card Processing

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I can't understand my credit card statement!

Who Gets All Those Fees?

Are my fees legit?

Where’s my debit rebate?

Should I Get a PIN pad?

What's Straight Pass Thru?

What is Interchange Plus?

Tricks of the trade:

Tier Billing & Non Quals

Delayed Billing / BillBacks

Cancellation Penalties and Early Termination Fees

Gift Card Advice


Also Call Us for Cash Advances against future credit card sales!

You may be able to borrow up to ten times your monthly volume with no credit checks.

Rates Vary By Industry Type

face to face vendors


mail order or telephone order


all internet based transactions


Including quick purchase, small ticket


grocery stores with over 20% perishable


gas, propane, incl. pay at pump


motel, lodging with deposit reservations


advanced deposit 
on reservations


education, charity, government, utilities

Of course it’s confusing!

The Credit Industry is Self Regulated.

THERE is an underbelly of credit card processing. It can be sneaky, conniving, and crooked. Fees are hidden or created without explanation. How can it be legal? Credit card processing is almost completely unregulated.

With the industry in its infancy, it’s as if credit card processing were the wild west—especially as electronic authorization technology changes at a rapid pace.

Processors and banks are quick to excuse their fees by complaining about risks of fraud. Most of the time, the plain truth behind high fees is simply greed.

The purpose of this page is to let you ask questions, and get answers. Our help is fast, free of charge and no strings attached.

Whether you’ve been in business for 20 years or are planning on starting a business that needs to take credit cards, help is here!

So please post here or send an email using the “Apply Now” contact form at the top of nearly every page. You absolutely do not need to apply or sign up and be a customer to get free help.

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