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Privacy Principles

Respecting and protecting individual client privacy has been vital to our business. By sharing our Privacy Principles, we trust that our individual clients will better understand how we keep client information private and secure while using it to provide services and products. Other privacy principles or policies may apply to clients of certain Merchant Service Group LLC merchants and clients in certain jurisdictions, such as United States Private Banking clients, Asset Management clients or individual clients in certain countries. Similarly, Merchant Service Group clients who receive information from or transact business with Merchant Service Group through the Internet are covered by the terms and conditions and any privacy notices posted on the Web sites they visit.

We may disclose and transfer any information that is provided through this Web site to: any company within the Merchant Service Group LLC, its affiliates, agents or information providers; to any other person or entity with a client's consent; or if we have a right or duty to disclose or are permitted or compelled to so disclose such information by law. We may also transmit, transfer or process such information to, or through, any country in the world, as we deem necessary or appropriate (including to countries outside the EEA).

Online Security Tips

While Merchant Service Group is committed to ensure the highest standard of security on our systems, you as the end-user also play an important role to ensure that you are adequately protected when you use the Internet. The following security best practices are recommended:

Serving the entire United States including all 50 states and US Territories including Puerto Rico and all North America if funds will be deposited into a U.S. bank account. Credit card processing at the lowest rates in the world are available to you in any industry. You can accept Visa, MasterCard, Amex (American Express), Discover, JCB, EBT, Diners Club, Carte Blanche, eChecks, PayPal, ACH for automated electronic funds transfer (EFT) and more are available. For Confidential rate review and rate quotes and free sample statements, call us now or email us. Know your rights. Some industries receive special pricing and many merchants qualify for free terminals and software. We process on the largest payment platform in the world so we pass on lower rates to our customers. Transparent billing with full disclosure of all fees and costs, and all surcharges can be passed through at cost without markup. All rights reserved.

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